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The inspiration for this website has come from our daughter Emily, who has food allergies to dairy and egg. The egg allergy reactions are classified as anaphylaxis. Throughout the 5 and a half years since Emily started showing reactions to these foods, we have been through a journey I never imagined we would have to experience. During this time, we have met and become aware of many other parents in a very similar position, facing the same challenges and hurdles as we have. Inspired by this, I wanted to create a safe space where people can access information all in one place, learn about other’s experiences and to find resources to re-educate those people in our lives who may not understand the situation adding to the challenges we face. The website is still evolving but I hope we have started to do this and I really look forward to hearing your feedback! Helen x

Our Story

Our daughter was formally diagnosed with milk and egg allergy when she was 10 months old. We had been reporting reactions to dairy ever since we tried to wean her onto formula, and subsequently to solids. Despite us reporting significant reactions, we were told it was reflux. We were also told her eczema was not related. It was clear quite quickly I was viewed as ‘one of those mothers’ despite stating beans on toast evoked no reaction, yet yoghurt made her projectile vomit! It took a significant and obvious reaction to egg for us to be referred to an allergy clinic and she was quickly diagnosed with allergies to both dairy and egg. At that initial consultation, as parents with a 10 month old baby, we were told it was ‘up to us’ what we wanted to do about the dairy allergy and were given no advice. This was the starting point of our journey.
It’s hard to know where to start with all our subsequent experiences, so I will just share some significant parts. As soon as we cut out dairy from our daughter’s diet, she was vomit-free and eczema free! We changed allergy consultants and she was referred to a dietician. I can’t say there haven’t been further issues around the consultant, but we have muddled along since. We discovered that her egg allergy was anaphylaxis aged 2 and she has been unfortunate enough to have experienced both her reactions after ‘successful’ cake challenges, the first reaction being with cake!
Being parents of a child with food allergies is stressful and isolating. Every day is about planning and being aware of what foods may be around her as well as ensuring medication (Epi Pen and antihistamine) is with her at all times and people are trained to use it! The scariest part is some other people’s blasé attitude and willingness to believe I am an overprotective parent over the actual real risk to her health. This has caused potentially dangerous situations, which is another huge reason why I feel this website is so utterly important. Thankfully, my husband is incredibly hands on and our daughter is very grown up and responsible about her allergies (although we are very careful not to scare her, we still have to ensure she never puts herself in danger – another ‘balancing act’ we face). She will always have to worry about food. It doesn’t help that egg and dairy (like many other allergens) are often ‘hidden’ and people are not aware they are in things. It is a constant worry. Her most recent reaction was just before Christmas and happened despite us taking every possible precaution we could. It was down to someone else’s negligence, which is frightening. However, it did serve as a massive learning curve for all of us and hopefully that has had an impact on everyone.
Throughout all this, we have made contact with other allergy parents, which has had a really positive effect on myself, in particular. There are foods I didn’t know were egg and dairy free, fantastic resources I wasn’t aware of, and a whole community of people who understand what we’re experiencing! And now I really hope that our website can help bring all this together and grow into a place where we can all support each other.
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